Sunday, June 28, 2020

Waffle Cone Socks

I’m still trying to knit my anxiety away through making socks. Is it working? I don’t know, but I do feel better when I look at the colors and feel the textures.

My latest pair of socks is from the Waffle Rib pattern by Charlene Schurch. It’s another simple pattern that keeps my hand busy and lets my mind wander just a bit. I call them Waffle Cone Socks as a nod to the pattern, the colors and the summer weather.

Top view of feet wearing hand knit striped pastel socks on a white background.

Once again, I used a set of US-1 (2.25 mm) knitting needles with a cast-on of 72 stitches. This combination is working well for me as I knit with a variety of leftover yarns of different weights and gauges.

This time after I split the balls of yarn roughly in half, I knit with three colors at a time, alternating them every two rows. The yarns include:
  • Shibui Knits Socks in colorway 1765
  • Snowdrop 80% alpaca/20% silk in pale green
  • Schaefer Yarn Company Anne
  • Regia 4-f├Ądig Patch Antik Color in colorway 5753

Three other yarns, a beige and a gray from previous projects of mine and a leftover self-striping yarn of my mom’s, were also added to the mix.

I had a few false starts with this pair of socks, trying to find the right balance of the colors. I had a lot of solid pink but not as much of the other colors. In the end, I used up all of the Snowdrop, Anne, and Regia yarns, plus the unnamed beige yarn.

Casually posed feet wearing hand knit striped pastel socks on a white background.

I was all set to move on to a sweater but, well, there were some issues. That seems to be a running theme for 2020, unfortunately, Thankfully, my yarn issues are nothing in the grand scheme of things and I was able to cast on ... another pair of socks.

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