Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Four Years!

Wow, it snuck up on me that today is The Art of Making Blog’s fourth blogiversary. Thank you for choosing to spend some of your time with me!

My main goal for this past year was to focus less on posting on a schedule and more on posting when I have something to share. In the past year, I’ve made only 32 posts instead of a weekly 52. By removing those weekly deadlines, I’m enjoying the blog more — and I hope you are as well.

The five most visited posts from the past year are:

Five photos in a row representing the most-read posts from the past 12 months: a doily, a quilt block, an amigurumi, a knit top, and another doily.

With the exception of the Lace Hem Top, these projects are all items for the home. Although the page views I’m looking at are for the past 12 months, it seems fitting right now that our focus would be on pieces that improve our surroundings.

However, three of the posts are from consecutive weeks in the summer and two are from a series of Halloween posts in the fall. More realistically than some prescient affinity for home, something about how I was sharing posts during those times caught your eyes. It likely comes back to marketing rather than the content itself, go figure.

Ah, well, I’m going to keep making and sharing posts that I enjoy — and I hope that somewhere along the line you like what you see. Cheers to the beginning of year five!

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