Saturday, March 21, 2020

Darn It All

Hello, readers! I've seen an increase in visitors in the past week or so. With so many of us staying at home due to COVID-19 concerns, I imagine a lot of you are passing the time by catching up on reading blogs. Welcome!

I’m working from home until at least mid-April. Although I’d love to ease some stress by immersing myself in making, that’s not an option for me right now. I did place an order for some yarn more than a week ago, but delivery is understandably slow.

While I wait for my new yarn to arrive, I’m focusing on the practical by darning my old hand-knit socks.

A foot wearing a darned green hand-knit sock on a white background.

Can you see the repairs? While I was making the duplicate stitches, I thought the difference between the new yarn and the slightly-faded-and-pilling original yarn was glaringly obvious. But looking at the photo now, I struggle to make out where I made the repairs on the sole at the heel, toe and ball of the foot.

Detail of hand-knit green socks with darned toes and ball of the foot on a white background.

Detail of hand-knit green socks with darned heels on a white background.

This is only the first pair of socks, and the most solid color. The others are self-striping or have short color changes which will be almost impossible to match. I suppose they would have made more interesting photos.

I think this stitch work is helping to relieve my stress. When I have a lot on my mind, I tend to dream about my worries on repeat in a way that isn’t the least bit restful. After an evening of sock darning, however, I dreamed over and over about making more duplicate stitches — and woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in the past few weeks.

What projects are easing your mind?

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