Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Slow but Steady

A week and a half ago, I posted that I was going to rip out my sweater progress and start again. I've been knitting away, and I’m back to where I was then. This time, so far, the size looks good — in any event, I’m not redoing this pullover again!

Progress on hand-knit Elphaba Pullover in stripes of scrap sock yarn.

The body of the sweater is nearly complete. I’m leaving the lower hem stitches on the needle while I move on to the sleeves. I may want to add a few rows to the lower hem, and this way I can base that decision on how much of my scrap yarn is still available after the sleeves are done.

I’m trying to decide how to handle the lace at the lower edges of the body and sleeves. Originally, I had planned to convert it to a basic garter stitch edge to prevent the lace pattern from competing with the stripes. But after trying that a couple versions ago, I don’t like the look and want to stay with the lace. Do I stripe it, or knit it in a single color? If it’s a single color, which one should it be? Since I’m working with scraps, my choices will be limited.

Meanwhile, ideas for new projects are piling up. I have yarn and patterns ready for four more projects, three of which are not wearables!

What sort of progress are you making on your current projects?

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