Monday, February 4, 2019

Finish: Furniture Socks

The most recent version of this project started when I found holes in the bottoms of a set of socks on our dining room chairs. I repaired those socks, then decided to knit sets for our coffee table and six kitchen chairs. It would be a lot of uninspiring knitting, but not unmanageable.

As I was finally seeing the light at the end of the furniture sock tunnel, my daughter pulled out one of the bar stools at our kitchen counter. Nobody ever sits there. Why now? For that matter, why do we have so many places to sit? The noise as she scraped the stool across the floor made it clear that I needed to knit sets for those four seats, too.

The supplies were already out. I might as well keep going.

Bottoms of bar stool legs wearing hand-knit furniture socks on a dark wood floor.

The size and shape of each furniture leg dictated the size of its sock. The smallest furniture sock was 20 stitches around, with decreases at the end, for a a total of 20 rounds. Each of those socks took a little more than a half hour to knit. None of the larger socks took more than an hour. I ended up making 48 furniture socks, which translates to at least 36 hours of knitting.

It felt endless.

And now it’s done! I no longer have to worry about scratches on the floors from the self-adhesive felt pads slipping off the bottoms of the furniture. Sure, the socks may wear through again, but I’ve already learned that the most-used chairs are the ones I need to watch.

Bottoms of bar stool legs wearing hand-knit furniture socks on a dark wood floor.

So far, I’ve noticed that the acrylic socks don’t hug the furniture legs as closely as the wool socks do. The acrylic doesn’t have the same springiness that the wool has, although it still holds its shape better than something with no elasticity, like cotton. For this purpose, that’s a secondary issue; my primary concern is the durability of the yarn. It will be interesting to see which sets need to be repaired next.

Fingers crossed that any mending is a long way off.

What projects have you recently powered through?

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