Tuesday, June 5, 2018


First of all, I need to announce a major milestone: It’s been 11 months since we moved, and my art/knitting/sewing space is officially organized! Woohoo!

I’ve had it unpacked for quite a while, but items that belonged in other rooms were taking up some of the storage space in my area. We’ve been slowly putting everything where it needs to be, and I no longer have stacks and piles at every turn.

Now the trick will be remembering what is where.

Sock Yarn Blanket

I’ve mentioned before that I have a scrap blanket in the works that is based on the Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang. I started knitting the blanket in late 2011, and its growth has been slow but steady.

Knitting Progress on Scrap Sock Yarn Blanket

As I was finishing my work area organization, I revisited my sock yarn leftovers. I group these fingering weight wool yarns based on yardage; it’s nothing scientific, simply eyeing up the sizes of the skeins. Skeins that look like they might yield no more than one or two blocks for the blanket go in a small basket, and the rest go into a cabinet.

After reassessing the yarn groups, I had a full basket of low-yardage scraps that I thought I could knit through relatively quickly. And that’s exactly what I did.

My goal is that this blanket will measure about 60 inches (152 cm) square. I am already meeting the goal on the width, and the blanket is now about 14 inches (35.5 cm) long. That means it is almost a quarter of the way done! The bonus is that I weaved in the ends as I knit this time, so those blocks are truly complete.

I’m working though some ideas for my next project with the higher-yardage leftover sock yarn. My sock yarn blanket will be on hold until that next project, whatever it may be, is done and has generated more small scraps.

Hooray for meeting milestones, whether they’re small or large! What accomplishments have you been able to check off your list recently?

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