Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Two Years!

As of this week, it’s been two years since I started sharing “The Art of Making Blog.” Happy blogiversary to me!

During the past year, the blog has had about 23,000 page views from more than 7,300 visitors. Thank you for choosing to spend some of your time reading about my creations!

The top five posts from this year — and, as it happens, from the entirety of the blog’s brief history — encompass a variety of topics:

Projects of my Top Five Blog Posts from the Past Year

The common thread (no pun intended) between the topics appears to be new experiences, whether they’re in the form of new techniques or the result of major life changes. I’m open to continuing with more new techniques but can’t help hoping that we’re done with major life changes for a while!

We moved across the country almost a year ago, which means that the bulk of the time that I’ve spent blogging has been with most of my supplies either packed away or in some state of partially unpacked disarray. Unpacking has been a slow process as I rediscover items that in some cases were packed almost as soon as they entered our old house. There are so many things I want to make! You can expect the topics to start branching out more from knitting and quilting, although fiber arts of some sort will continue to be the main focus.

I tend to have multiple projects in various stages of completion at any given time. I work on some of them regularly, while I only pick up others occasionally. I’m still working out how much to share about the in-progress projects. I don’t want to bore you with post after post about the almost-imperceptible changes in a slow-moving project. I also don’t want to share a partial project that I won’t revisit for six months or more. Finding a good balance is my top writing goal for the blog.

I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me. Cheers to another year!


  1. Happy two-year blogiversary! I sympathize--we moved across the country three years ago. It takes time to unpack and organize. You'll get there, and have tons more fun things to blog about, too! Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you, Mari! We're getting there slowly but surely. Happy weekend to you, too!

  2. Happy Anniversary - writing blogs takes time and commitment. Finding half forgotten things that you packed away on moving must have an element of surprise attached. A bit like me delving into a plastic crate stored in the wardrobe recently to discover half stitched UFOs I'd forgotten about.

    1. Thank you, Jenny! I think a lot of us have those forgotten projects packed away, with or without moving.


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