Tuesday, May 9, 2017

One Year!

This week marks my one-year blogiversary! The Art of Making Blog started as a class assignment with a five-post requirement. I managed to choose a topic that I truly enjoy and about which I have something new to say — for the most part — every week.

It’s a fun challenge not only to write the blog posts each week, but also to continue making new projects at a pace that keeps the blog interesting. Photographing the projects can create a different set of demands between the timing of when the projects are ready, having helpers available, and capturing good sunlight.

Over the past year, the blog has had more than 7,800 page views. OK, a sizable number of those are probably from me double- and triple-checking page layouts as well as reopening pages to share links. Even so, I know I have some regular readers out there and I thank you!

The top five posts include three posts about knitting cloths and two about knitting hats:

Projects from Top Five Blog Posts in Year One

With the exception of the post about the Baa-ble Hat, the top posts have been some of my most recent posts. The Baa-ble Hat is a popular pattern that understandably attracts knitters. It's difficult to say at this point whether the popularity of the other posts is due to the subject matter or a growing awareness of the blog's existence.

If you came for the subject matter, the good news is that I expect this year will bring more quick and easy projects along the lines of the cloths and hats. Having many of my supplies packed while we wait for our house to sell limits what I can do, and the general increase in activity as we prepare to move limits my time to make projects. Soon — I hope — my time will be dedicated to unpacking and settling in to a new part of the country.

If you’d rather see some more involved projects, please be patient! I have ideas brewing and their time will come after we adjust to our new normal.

What types of projects would you like to see more of on this blog?

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