Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Time for a Change

I’ve been spending the bulk of my days cleaning and decluttering for our impending move, not to mention working and running the household. For the sake of my sanity, it’s time to get back to making!

Last month, I posted about an entrlac scarf that I had started knitting to use up my stash of Plymouth Yarn Zino. I have knit my way through the first skein and the partial skein, and have begun knitting through the second full skein.

Knit Entrelac Scarf in Plymouth Yarns Zino

One advantage of all of this decluttering is that a rummage through my scrap basket turned up some small remnants of this yarn from previous projects. I found some of them in time to knit into the scarf before starting the second skein, but didn’t find others until later. I’ll try to knit them in at the end of the scarf if the colors match up.

Small Amounts of Plymouth Zino Yarn

One thing that I love about working with this yarn is watching the color changes. I’m pulling the yarn from the center of the skein, which makes it fun to try to guess the next color. Sometimes it keeps me knitting longer than planned because I want to see what the next color will be and where it will end up on the scarf.

It’s also fun to see how the colors blend as they go through the color changes. One would expect a simple mix of two colors in gradually changing amounts, but some lengths seem to be made up of a full rainbow of color. There’s so much beauty in those little details.

Close Up of Entrelac Scarf in Plymouth Yarns Zino

It’s still too soon to say for sure if the length of the scarf will warrant changing it into a cowl, and yet I suspect that will be the case. Time will tell if the color changes work out in such a way that the join will be close to invisible.

What are your favorite sanity-saver projects?

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