Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Loving the Moment

I’m writing this week’s blog post from a hotel room. We’re on a whirlwind house-hunting trip as we prepare to move for my husband’s new job. And, yes, we found a few in our price range that we could consider home! We’re narrowing down our small list as we wait for an offer on our current home.

Palm Trees Outside a Building in Our New Home Town
Did I mention they have palm trees here?

The past week had been an exhausting mix of cleaning and de-cluttering. The upside to that has been the chance to revisit items in my stash. I’ve gone through the expected fabric for quilting and general sewing, yarn for knitting and crochet, and fiber for spinning. I’ve also rediscovered materials for drawing, painting, cross-stitch, bobbin lace, quilling, scrapbooking, and even a little jewelry making. I have drawers full of ribbons and sewing patterns, stacks of old jeans ready to be cut up, and a bookshelf stocked with books and magazines covering all of those projects and then some. Creating, for me, isn’t a single path from Point A to Point B but a meandering journey full of new wonders. There is always more to discover and rediscover.

While having a stash means that we have more “stuff“ to pack, it also serves as an inexpensive packing material — if we look at it from the standpoint of not spending any additional money. My husband thinks all of it should be carefully packed into separate boxes, but I think that it is meant to be used one way or another. The scraps are great for extra stuffing around odd-shaped items. Fat eighths protect very small items while also making them a little more visible. Fat quarters do the same thing for slightly bigger items. Fabric yardage and skeins of yarn can cushion almost anything.

Will the yarn and fabric show some wear after the move? Possibly. Any ill effects that don’t wash out will likely be minor, but they will each add one more little story to the final pieces that will one day be created. With each “flaw,” we’ll have one more occasion to pause to remember these crazy days that are going by so quickly.

As we’re living in the moment and thinking of how home is the place where we’re all together, I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day!

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