Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Break Time

This week I needed a break. I’ve been going full speed ahead for a while now; it was time to listen to my body and slow down a bit. I don’t stop making projects at times like this, but I change direction.

As simple as the entrelac scarf is to knit, it requires a little more brain power than I want to invest right now. As I’ve been packing, I’ve found a lot of small balls of cotton yarn. Knitting some cloths seemed like a great mindless activity that would also create some items to use in our new home.

Stack of Knit Cotton and Linen Washcloths or Dishcloths

I haven’t decided yet whether these will be washcloths or dishcloths. I think I’ll need to see the colors in the kitchen and bathrooms of the home we have yet to choose before I make that determination. In the meantime, I’m enjoying putting color combinations together as I use up scraps.

Of course, I can’t turn off my brain entirely. I’ve been knitting a basic washcloth pattern — its name is usually some variation on Granny’s Favorite. It’s a simple square pattern that is knit diagonally from corner to corner in garter stitch, with yarn overs a few stitches in from the edges to give a little more visual interest. As much as I like the simplicity of this pattern, I’ve never liked the way the corners stretch at the widest point. I started experimenting with adding short rows to the borders at that point in the cloth, and I like the results a lot better.

The photo below shows the first cloth I made with original pattern on the left, and the last cloth I made with the pattern adjustments on the right. Can you see how the corner on the right, with short rows added, looks a little more pronounced than the corner on the left?

Corners of Knit Cotton Washcloths or Dishcloths with and without Short Rows

You might also notice that the yarn weights in the cloth on the right aren’t exact matches. Since I’m working with scraps, I haven’t been a stickler for matching weights or other aspects of the yarn. There are two exceptions: one cloth is made from chunky weight cotton, and the other is made from linen instead of cotton. They’re pictured below.

Knit Washcloths or Dishcloths in Linen and Chunky Cotton

I still have quite a bit of scrap cotton, and plan to use a different simple pattern to knit some more cloths. This is just the break that I’ve needed!

What kinds of projects do you turn to when you need a mental break?


  1. I suppose that it's because I don't knit that I haven't thought of knitted cloths for use as dishcloths or washcloths. The only knitting I know of is the store bought sweaters that I used to wear and I can't see those as cloths. On the other hand, I imagine that a chunky cotton would make a great dishcloth and some soft cotton would probably feel great on the skin. Darn, every time I see an easy knitting project I want to learn to knit. Of course I wait until I've started getting arthritis in my hands to decide this!

    I like that you've mixed the colors but they still work together. You have a great eye for mix and match when it comes to color. My favorite is that chunky cloth in the beige...that texture is fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Mary! I'm having fun with the colors.

      My aunt took up knitting on the recommendation of her doctor after she started getting arthritis in her hands. It might be worth asking about next time you see your doctor. It might be a great reason to learn to knit!


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