Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This and That

Before starting this blog, I don’t think I realized how much I jump from project to project. I’d like to say that I’ll stick to one project at a time for more cohesive blog posts going forward, but I don’t know how realistic that is. Some projects are better for working on at home, while others are good for taking on the go. Some require total concentration, and others can be done while talking and watching television. Some need to be finished to meet a deadline or requirement, and some are for fun with no end goal. As I go through life’s changes, the projects go through changes too.

This week, I made a lot of little things.

Between a couple of months’ worth of my Jimmy Beans Wool Beanie Bags subscription and the extra yarn from the Drinker’s Mitts, I had a backup of yarn to knit into my two scrap blankets. I worked my way through it all so my worktable is free of clutter, but now I have a backup of ends to weave!

Colorful hand knit blanket made from sock weight wool scraps in mitered square blocks with unwoven ends sticking up on a white background.

Colorful hand knit blanket made from worsted weight wool scraps in mitered square blocks with unwoven ends sticking up on a white background.

It was time for another Quilt Night this past weekend. I’m still working on my hand quilted queen size quiltThe last time I posted about it, I had just rounded the last corner and had five blocks and their corresponding borders left to quilt. Now, I’m down to about two-and-three-quarters blocks and their borders. Everything that’s left to be quilted fit easily in one photo!

Unfinished border of Bride's Bouquet quilt in a round hand quilting frame.

And after all of the posts about the Red Socks this summer, starting with my June 28 post, I have to admit that they’re not done yet. I’m about to turn the heel for the second sock. My original goal was to finish the second sock this week …

Completed hand knit red wool sock next to one in progress on metal double point knitting needles and a ball of yarn on a white background.

… But then my youngest requested a pair of fingerless mitts. It’s starting to get chilly here, particularly in the mornings, so they can definitely be of use right away. I need to go through my stash with her to pick a yarn before picking a pattern.

The socks might have to wait a little longer.

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