Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Turn a Corner, Turn a Heel

One my major deadlines passed this week, and I think I felt my blood pressure drop by a few points. Whew!

This week I made more progress on the red sock I’ve been knitting. I finished the heel flap, which is an eye-of-partridge stitch with a garter stitch edge. I turned the heel, and started the gusset decrease.

Knitting a red sock on four double point needles.

In the midst of all of the reading I’ve had to do lately, I’ve begun either walking on the treadmill or knitting while I read. Yes, it slows me down a little as far as each of those activities, but I feel better physically afterward. Every little bit helps! (And, no, I don’t attempt to walk, knit, and read together. I have my limits.)

Some people are surprised when they hear about those of us who do things like read while we knit. I should clarify that I only do other things while I’m making simpler knitting projects. The portion of the sock that I’m knitting now is stockinette stitch across the sole, which is about two-thirds of the stitches in a round. I can knit those stitches by feel. The remaining one-third of the stitches across the instep are either [K1, P1] or [K3, P1] repeating. Those patterns are simple enough that I can fall into a rhythm rather than concentrate on counting. As I said, I knit more slowly but it’s still progress. I like to keep my hands busy even if I’m reading, so it’s a sanity-saver!

On a different note, our family took a break together over the weekend to visit an old friend who was in town competing in an outdoor sporting event. There was a railroad track next to the venue, and while we were there a train rolled through. It stopped after it was partway past, with this train car closest to us:

Graffiti on a railroad train car.

How did it know we were escaping reality at that moment? Sometimes we find artistic beauty, and sometimes it finds us.

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