Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time to Unwind

No pun intended.

This week has been busy, as I expect the next few weeks to be as well, but I’m starting to feel like the end is in sight. Three more weeks and my stress level should drop considerably. New stressors will come into play around week two, but they’ll be different so I should still feel some measure of relief. My mind keeps wandering to all of projects I want to work on at that point!

Creating relaxes me, so it’s been difficult for me to have so little time to do it. When life gets crazy is exactly when I need to find little pockets of time to make something. This past week, I found some time.

A 2-ply skein of yarn hand spun with rainbow-dyed wool on a white background.

First, I spun up a bit of my Mystery Wool as I wanted to toward the end of Tour de Fleece. I had mentioned wanting to spin a thicker yarn with chunks of color, as opposed to a thinner yarn with blending colors. The advantage of spinning thicker yarn is that a given amount of fiber is spun more quickly! I spun the colors in rainbow order; they align in some places but not in others.

Hand knit red wool socks in progress on metal double point knitting needles next to a ball of yarn on a white background.

I also returned to the red socks that I had started knitting at the end of June. I finished the leg of the first sock and started the heel flap.

And, as I’ve been thinking about upcoming projects, I thought some more about some fabric I have that I’d like to sew into a dress. With a vision in mind, I found a pattern to order. It’s the second pattern I’ve ordered for this fabric, but I think it’s a better fit for the look I’m envisioning. I hope to blog about it next month.

With as little time as I’ve had to myself, I’m very happy with those accomplishments for this week! Slow progress is still progress.

What kind of projects do you like to work on when you’re short on time?

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