Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Charitable Giving

This week I finished a lovely beaded scarf. The pattern is Wisp by Cheryl Niamath and is available for free on Knitty. I used one skein of luxurious Cascade Yarns Kid Seta Noir in color 12 Greenish, and a 24g tube of 6/0 Czech glass seed beads in the color Tapestry Mix. I only cast on 26 stitches, which narrowed the scarf to almost half the width in the pattern, and skipped the buttons. Buttons with beads may be too much!

Beaded green hand knit lace scarf on a white background, scrunched up horizontally to better fit in the photo..

The scarf will be donated to a Chinese auction for a charity event. My husband’s work schedule changes with the weather, so volunteering at an event doesn’t always work out for me. Volunteering from home gives me a chance to support a charity while on a budget without making a commitment to attend the event. I would be making things anyway, so why not sometimes do it for a good cause?

Beaded green hand knit scarf in progress on bamboo knitting needles next to a ball of yarn and extra beads on a white background.

If you want to make items for charity auctions, here are some things to consider:
  • Who will be there and why? Think about the purpose of the fundraiser and the people who will be at the event. In this case, women of all ages will be raising money for a women’s organization at a semi-formal dinner. I wanted to choose something that the winner might begin wearing that night.
  • What materials and pattern are best? In order to get the highest bids for the charity, you’ll want to choose quality materials and a unique pattern to make your item stand out as something the bidders won’t easily find elsewhere. What that means exactly will depend on the event and the people who attend. For this elegant event, I think the mohair/silk yarn with a touch of sparkle in the delicate lace pattern will make an impact.
  • When and where will the event be held? This event will be in Florida in July, so an item that screams winter probably wouldn’t draw much interest. The scarf pattern that I chose is light and airy enough, both in color and pattern, to fashionably ward off the chill on a summer evening — or in a room where the air-conditioning is on overdrive!
  • What color should it be? I find that making home items is tricky because people are particular about what matches their d├ęcor. With clothing items, color choices tend to be more flexible. This green is a neutral color that looks good with a wide range of skin tones.
Beaded green hand knit scarf in progress on bamboo knitting needles next to a ball of yarn and extra beads on a white background.

Do you make items for charity auctions? What other tips do you have?

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